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Kelvin Grant

Grammy award nominated reggae artist Kelvin Grant (born 9th July 1971, United Kingdom) was the founding member of the famous chart-topping band “Musical Youth”. Kelvin & the band Reggae Rockers Intl are now available for tours. Kelvin has recently released the album ‘Defend Them’ with ‘Save Our Youths’ and ‘Defend Them’ as the best sellers so far from the album. The band “Musical Youth” was founded in Birmingham (UK) 1978 and included two pairs of teenage brothers. In 1982 the band was enhanced by Dennis Seaton joining as a vocalist. Kelvin has been playing music since 1976.

“Pass the Dutchie” single was released, this song is based on popular “Pass the Doutchie” by Jamaican trio Mighty Diamonds. The single reached the number 1 spot in 27 different countries, also the Top 10 in the USA. Musical Youth went on to pick up several Gold & Platinum Discs from these countries: Australia, France, Holland etc. The song topped “Pass the Dutchie” hit lists in Canada, Australia and many European countries, and record sales reached millions of copies. In addition to this the music video was also a huge success and has been the first featuring an all-black band on MTV channel, letting Musical Youth be part of the history of black music. Subsequent singles “Youth of Today” and “Never Gonna Give You Up” have also gained great commercial success. The last triumph of the band was “Unconditional Love” by Donna Summer and featuring band members. In 1984 Musical Youth was nominated for Grammy Awards and released their last single “Let’s Go to the Moon”.

2016  marked Kelvin Grant’s comeback on the music scene after many years touring & recording. A musical encounter with Reggae Rockers Intl band has resulted in a number of new songs for a joint record project. The potential first single “Defend Them” is being aired currently on a number of radio channels in UK and proved to be a true hit during recent summer tour with the Reggae Rockers Intl band.

Last spring the band recorded a brand new version of the renowned “Pass the Dutchie” with new chorus line and title: “Nuta Miłości” (“Love Note”). The song has been released on a sampler by the leading Polish national radio station and has been promoted constantly during parallel concert tour “Lato z Radiem” (“Summer Radio Tour”), followed by special guest appearances on Channel 1 radio show.

Live performances with Reggae Rockers Intl featuring Kelvin Grant have gained positive responses among the mass audiences and broad attention from diverse nationwide media (Radio Eska, Polskie Radio:  Czwórka,Trójka, Jedynka & Television appearances on TVP3, TVP1).

Kelvin Grant is now running his own music label “House of Skill” whilst he is still a focused reggae artist, Kelvin is also planning a joint project to promote the album in Poland and worldwide, featuring well known Jamaican star: Don Carlos. Kelvin Grant has joined the famous Reggae Rockers Intl band in promoting their music.

Kelvin Grant took part in following events: Tours:

2016  touring & recording over Poland “Lato Z Radiem” (“Summer

Radio  Tour”) – Kraków (Festival of Youth for the Pope), Ciechanów, Kutno

Festivals: (2016)

  • Ostróda Reggae Festival
  • Światowe Dni Młodzieży (World Youth Days) – Kraków
  • Festival: Reggaeland Płock 2016 – Official co-operation between Maleo Reggae

Rockers in which Kelvin has been announced at the press conference, featuring the

Meir of Płock and honorary consul of Jamaica, Mrs. Maria Dembowska. The band

Announced plans for a joint album and tour in 2017.

·     Róbrege FestivalKelvin Grant performed as headliner at the 2016 edition of the legendary festival.

TV Shows : (2016)·     Lecie Wydawnictwa Brulion (30th Anniversary of Brulion Publishing) (transmitted by national channel TVP2)

The joint project with Reggae Rockers Intl was promoted during events and radio shows in the UK, Poland and Malta in 2016.

In September 2016 Kelvin was working on two music videos featuring his two singles from the newly released album (“Defend Them” and “Jah Love Light”), produced by House of Peace Productions (Malta).The first music video has premiered November 2016  on Reggaeville web portal. & 2017 was spent writing and recording.

2018  has brought an exciting chapter to this journey, Kelvin has released his new album called “Defend Them” on the 15th August 2018 through Bentley Records New York in which the album is available to purchase through all major platforms (Apple iTunes, Amazon Music & Spotify).

Kelvin is a respected member of the music industry having worked with famous

musicians and artists. Kelvin has a strong media presence, coupled with a professional attitude and disciplined approach he is welcomed by many leading industry artists. 

Kelvin is available for guest appearances worldwide, tours/live performances and interviews. Kelvin is particularly interested in recording, writing, producing, creating as well as live performances.